Department of Education, National University of Tainan

*Retired division commander
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退休教師 Retired division commander

Tzung-Hsien Huang(113.Feb.)

Education:Ph.D. of Ohio State University , USA

Research Interests:School Management, Leadership and School Reform, School Sociology.


Ding-Ying Guo (113.Feb.)

Education:Ph. D., National Kaohsiung Normal University , Taiwan

Research Interests:Sociology of Education, Sociology of Teacher, Sociology of Student 


Hsin-Hui Cheng(112.Aug.)

Education:Ph.D., Cardiff University, UK / Ph.D., National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Research Interests:Administration and management of Education, School evaluation and performance management, Human resource management of principals.


Li-Ching You(112.Feb.)

Education:Ph.D., University of Texas- Austin, USA

Research Interests:Social Aspects of Learning, Group Process, Motivation, Emotion & Learning, Culture & Conflict Resolution, Conceptual Learning, Classroom Communication 


Mei-jun Yin(109.Aug.)

Education:Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, USA

Research Interests:Information education, digital learning, information ethics

Pi-Hsia Hung(109.Feb.)

Education:PhD, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota, USA

Research Interests:Teaching evaluation, educational testing, computerized aptitude testing, cognitive diagnosis 


Hai-hong Chen(106.Aug.)

Education:Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, USA

Research Interests:Library and Information Science, Reading Teaching, Information Literacy