Department of Education, National University of Tainan

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The department was formed back in July 1987, when the university was first promoted as the Taiwan Provincial Tainan Teachers College. It was named as the Department of Elementary Education (DOEE), and for preparing beginning professional elementary school teachers. In 1991, Graduate School of Elementary Education (GEEM, now the master and doctoral programs of Educational Entrepreneurship and Management, EEM) was emerged. The master degree program, Curriculum and Instruction (CIM), was established in 2001. The Graduate Institute of Measurement and Statistics was established in 2002 with the master program of Measurement and Statistics (MSM). In 2003, the department set up another master program, Technology Development and Communication (TDCM). In 2004, the department changed its name to the Department of Education (DOE) at the same time as the university was promoted and renamed National University of Tainan (NUTN). Another doctoral programs were eatablished as Doctor of Measurement and Statistics (MSD) in 2007 and Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction (CID) in 2009. The master and doctoral programs of Educational Entrepreneurship and Management (EEM) and Measurement and Statistics (MS) were merged in the Department of Education in 2011.