Department of Education, National University of Tainan

*Curriculum & Instruction
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This degree is intended for Education professionals who want to develop their research knowledge and skills. It covers introductory and advanced level courses on both quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as courses that address important philosophical issues in relation to social science research, with specific reference to Education.

The program aims to:
  • An opportunity to extend and deepen your professional knowledge
  • An opportunity to develop your understanding of specific theories, ideas and practices, and of the relationships between perspectives from different disciplines
  • A caring, collaborative working environment in which students from different backgrounds and of different nationalities can work together and share experiences for their mutual benefit
  • A commitment to intellectual challenge, critical thinking and reflective practice in a top-rated research community
  • An opportunity to develop your intellectual, practical and transferable skills
  • An opportunity to read and evaluate research and to conduct systematic research relevant to your professional practice
  • The knowledge, understanding and skills to further research and design new educational and professional resources

Course Structure:課程架構