Department of Education, National University of Tainan

*Curriculum & Instruction
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The doctoral program of curriculum and instruction aims to provide a theoretical foundation related to curriculum and instruction for the researchers and practical personnel. The course structure allows students to reinforce knowledge bases in curriculum and instruction theory and the usage of information technology in different level of educators.

  • Train students to become researchers for advanced curriculum and instruction studies.
  • Train students to become researchers for advanced information technology studies.
  • Train students to become experts in curriculum and instruction studies.
  • Be able to apply the professional knowledge of curriculum and instruction to reflect and criticize existing literature.
  • Be able to combine the theory and practice of curriculum and instruction.
  • Be able to explore the emerging topics related to curriculum and instruction.
  • Be able to innovate in the filed of curriculum and instruction.
  • To become faculty in the universities.    
  • To serve as researchers or administrators in different levels of government organizations.
  • To become leader teachers in elementary or junior high schools.
  • To serve as the professional education trainers of different institutions.
  • To serve as the professions of educational training and digital learning.

Course Guide

The Doctoral students should complete 33 credits (not including dissertation study) as the course-work required. On average, full-time students could complete the Doctoral degree course-work requirements and graduate in three to five years. To get Doctorate degree, the graduation of doctoral students must finish the required course-work:
  • Meet with success in the qualified examination;
  • Pass an open oral exam for the dissertation proposal;
  • Complete the Doctoral dissertation and pass an opening oral defense;
  • Publish at least three academic papers in the peer-reviewed educational journals;
  • Attend at least twelve seminars which be held by the Institute.

Course Structure:課程架構