Department of Education, National University of Tainan

National Tainan University Department of Education Selection Brochure for Newly Recruited Teachers
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1.Position: Assistant Professor or higher (one vacancy) in the Department of Education.

2.Commencement Date: August 1, 2024.

3. Qualifications:

(1) Educational Background: Must hold one of the following academic qualifications:

  1. Possession of a Ph.D. degree in Information Education or a related field, recognized by the Ministry of Education, either from domestic or international institutions (For individuals who have successfully passed the Ph.D. dissertation defense but have not yet obtained the degree certificate, please provide proof of the oral defense approval from the university along with a letter from the advising professor)
  2. Possession of a Ph.D. degree recognized by the Ministry of Education, either from domestic or international institutions, but not in the field of Information Education or Instructional Technology. Applicants in this category must have a minimum of three years of teaching and research experience in digital instructional design at universities or primary/secondary schools and must provide specific supporting documents.

(2) Academic Expertise:Specialized in providing support for courses such as "Design and Development of Teaching Websites"、 "Design and Production of Educational Apps"、"Design and Application of Computer Animation" and "Design and Production of Virtual Reality (VR)."

(3) Research Performance:Since 2019, there should be a minimum of two published or accepted academic journal papers in nationally or internationally recognized journals with a comprehensive peer-review system. (If accepted, please provide supporting evidence.)

(4) Experience: Priority will be given to candidates with expertise in teacher training, educational internship, and practical teaching experience.


4. The date of acceptance:

(1) From now until March 31, 2024 (as evidenced by the postmark), applications should be sent by registered mail or delivered in person to the Personnel Office of the university. Please indicate "Application for Faculty Position in the Department of Education" on the cover.

(2) Mailing Address: National University of Tainan, Personnel Office, 33 Shulin Street, Section 2, West Central District, Tainan City, 700301, Taiwan.


5. Document Submission:

(1) One photocopy of each graduation certificate above bachelor's degree.

(2) One photocopy of both sides of the national identification card.

※The following documents should be compiled into two sets.

(3) Two copies of the transcripts for Master's and Ph.D. degrees.

(4) Two copies of the "Application Form for Faculty Position at National University of Tainan."

(5) Two photocopies of documents verifying relevant work experience.

(6) Two copies of the Ph.D. dissertation.

(7) Two copies of excerpts or photocopies of significant research publications officially published within the last five years.

(8) Two copies of syllabi for courses that can be taught, including syllabi for the four courses: "Design and Development of Teaching Websites," "Design and Production of Educational Apps," "Design and Application of Computer Animation," and "Design and Production of Virtual Reality (VR)."

(9) Two copies of any additional materials that may contribute to the evaluation (such as photocopies of certificates for elementary or secondary school teaching qualifications, or certificates for Assistant Professor or higher).


6. Remarks

(1) Newly appointed full-time faculty members are obligated to undertake two years of administrative duties.

(2) Newly appointed faculty members are required to assist in the teaching arrangements for the graduate program courses in the Department.

(3) Newly appointed faculty members are obliged to teach one course each semester in either full English or English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI).

(4) Applicants who wish to retrieve their submitted documents should provide a return address and sufficient postage.

(5) Contact Information:

Miss Ting-Yu Huang,06-2601753,

Miss Yu-Ju Lin,06-2133111#612,

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